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Scripting & Programming

Learning pathways: Computer Science, Robotics and Cybersecurity

English Learning Programs

ESL classes: Listening Comprehension, Reading, Speaking, and Vocabulary





Defending our nation's data against cyberattacks

Our STEM Education with Cybersecurity focus program is designed to help students age 14+ develop robust technical and Cybersecuriy skills to defend our nation's data against cyberthreats.

Cybersecurity (Age 14+)  The Cybersecurity  pathway focuses on three main modules: defensive coding, networking, and penetration testing (vulnerability assessment)

  • Defensive Programming (secure programming)
  • Networking ( networking fundamentals)
  • Penetration Testing (offensive programming,vulnerability scanning)





Design, build, test, and direct robots.

Our STEM Education with Robotics focus program is designed to help students 14+ yrs develop robust technical and Robotics skills to be able to develop prototypes and applications.

Robotics (Age 14+)  The robotics pathway teaches students advanced robotics. Students are familiarized with advanced programming, scripting and electronics. This is an advanced module that requires basic coding knowledge, or completion of the computer science pathway. 

  • Robotics Prototyping  (Intermediate/ Advanced prototyping)
  • Robotics Electronics ( Intermediate/ Advanced Electronics)
  • Robots Programming (Intermediate/ Advanced Programming) 






Read, Write, and Speak English Fluently

Our English as a Second Language (ESL) program is designed to serve the needs of English learners, age 9 yrs and up.

The program covers  three key areas of the English language: Listening Comprehension, Structure and Written Expression, and Reading and Vocabulary. 

The ESL program is divided into two modules:

  • ESL Starter  (Age 9+) Students enrolled in this module are introduced to basic and intermediate ESL. Students learn basic to mid-level ESL reading, listening,  speaking, and language form and meaning.
  • ESL Advanced (Age 11+) This is an advanced ESL module that requires, as a prerequisite, the completion of the ESL Starter module or an intermediate to advanced-level of  English understanding, reading, and writing knowledge. 




Get Ready For Your English Proficiency Test 

Our ESL Prepa program is designed to train and prepare those taking tests in English. ​We have developed a series of courses, practice materials and vigorous testing systems to help get test takers ready and know what to expect on the test. 

We currently offer two PREPA classes: 

  • Preparation for TOEFL, EILTS and ESL
  • Preparation for the United States Naturalization interview and test

This is an intensive preparation program completed within ten (10) weeks. The program calendar is in session format with two five-week sessions offered.

Note:  Students taking ESL Prepa for English proficiency test are required to apply at least twelve (12) weeks  (including admission processing time) before the exam date.

Note: Students taking ESL Prepa for the US Naturalization interview and test are required to apply no later than two (2) weeks after receiving the appointment notice for biometrics.





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